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Player doesn't leave server with DestroySession node.

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    [BLUEPRINT] Player doesn't leave server with DestroySession node.

    Hi there everyone.
    I am preparing a multiplayer game template for marketplace with menu/lobby/gameplay and everything related for multiplayer gaming. (mostly mass effect's multiplayer features cuz I am a fan )

    I was preparing a kick feature in lobby (vote for clients, instakick for server) and this so called DestroySession isn't working at all.
    Yes, OpenLevel will open a level in client side (if called from client side) and that client will connect to client sided map. (Such as MainMenuMap)
    And as a result of player's new connection to client sided map, player will disconnect from the server (session).
    I can use OpenLevel function with an OnOwningClient Event to simulate kicking from server.
    But.. Is there a chance for a hacker to bypass that OpenLevel function which will be called on client?
    I was planning to use kicking feature on GameMode (Server only class) so clients can't bypass it.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	kick-from-gamemode.png Views:	0 Size:	53.5 KB ID:	1705687
    (GameMode class)

    OpenLevel function can be called via Event End Play for sending player from TransitionMap to MainMenuMap.