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An idea to address #1 complaint torward UE4: Show/Hide

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    Originally posted by Doctor Ergot View Post
    There's an in-editor tutorial mechanism that perhaps could be updated to guide a newcomer? Or maybe there should few specialized tutorial paths: for designers, artists, animators, programmers, etc. And every one of them guiding a person through different windows and explaining how basic things are connected? And that would be a proper solution?
    This is how web tools and mobile apps explain themselves to the new user. They don't hide necessarily stuff, they guide through basics.
    That tutorial mechanism is something I have wanted to see developed for a long time. I was discussing a design similar to this in another forum, it was basically just a glorified keylogger with optional windows between actions that would be used to show people how to do things and would also be great for sales and debugging. In theory it would work very well with Show/Hide. I have been surprised that this powerful technology has been completely ignored by Epic. It should be used to develop a comprehensive education solution. I guess their attention is where their money is coming from, experienced programmers on larger teams.

    I am unhappy with the brute force approach epic has taken towards education. I want to see Epic get smart on the subject rather than stuff the internet with mountains of videos. Your game developers Epic! Get interactive!