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Editor crashes, but the game will play?

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    [EDITOR] Editor crashes, but the game will play?


    I'm experiencing a problem with my UE4.23.1 project.

    When I launch the editor from the ueproject file, i get the following error

    Assertion failed: [File: D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/EditorServer.cpp] [Line: 2577] Failed to find the world in already loaded world package /Game/LV_Soul_Slum! Referenced by: (standalone) ObjectRedirector /Game/LV_Soul_Slum.LV_Soul_Slum->Outer Package /Game/LV_Soul_Slum
    I recently renamed the Level name of LV_Soul_Slum to GameLevel on my PC in university, it was working fine here. Repackaged the project into another folder and submitted it to my perforce server.

    I have tried to open this project on my home PC, but the error above shows. If I right click the ueproject file and click "Play Game", the game loads perfectly.
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