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    Better documentations and tutorials

    Hi, first, sorry for my english.

    I think we need better documentations for the new moduls, or even a documentations.
    Lots of tutorials are outdated, or just simply deleted the tutorial, but tutorial links are still alive.
    After UE4.10 less and less new tutorials, only just a chatting video about some new feature, scratching the surface.
    And the features are keeping in beta (Experimental) mode for many months after release, across 2-3 or more engine versions,
    and upgrading engine when developing game, is not working always.

    The community part is messy and dying. The answerhub and forums are full of unanswered questions (many of this are because of the insufficient docs).

    Personally i'd be more happy with some old school tutorials than another infinity blade asset pack.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Around 4.10 was when the unexpected Fortnite BOOM! happened

    Years after Epic is still short on staff, they have open positions all the time, but it's hard to "find more bodies"
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      How about trying to get some tutorial creators from youtube to create some updated (latest engine version) tutorials?
      For documentation, it's definitely comprehensive, what's there currently. But it is sometimes assuming a bit much of the reader's knowledge / skills in Unreal. Perhaps doing some edits to the basics and to concept / intro pages would help in readability and sufficiency of information. I could make suggestions based on my own experience reading the docs, but there's probably no means of doing so (e.g., by suggesting edits like in a wiki, or through a skype / messenger call). I think it would help to remove certain tidbits or facets of information from one page and put them in a different page, such as moving more advanced info / tips from a basics page to a more advanced page.
      Additionally, is there a glossary? an index of terms would be a great help to searching in the docs, and easier than having to use a search function that turns up multiple result links...similar to a textboox / encyclopedia.


        How about trying to get some tutorial creators from youtube to create some updated (latest engine version) tutorials?
        Most youtubers are also scratching the surface, I don't know if there is a series of more than 20 C++ videos, and secondly 95% of the C++ videos are "getting started", I already started so many times!.
        go to any video on yt and typical intro is "how to use the editor" or "let's create a new project", seriously, are you going to teach me how to create a new project in UE and then click on compile button?

        But ok, overall if you search hard enough there is a lot of online material online, seriously a lot, it's just that it's hard to find what you want and it's not all in one place.
        compared to other game engines (based on my observation) UE is leading in amount of online resources (made by various people not just epic)

        To learn something you need a lot of time, ie. 4h per day is nothing.


          And until the youtubers cannot learn how to use new features because of missing docs and/or insufficient engine education, we cannot except more than "how to start new project" 324 versions.

          Yesterday unreal engine channel uploaded video: How to make cinematic quality video. I think the engine users 0.0001% will learn from that or even use in any project. Check the other uploads. Tons of inconsequential, self-shining content.

          In this form, the UE not indie or single developer frendly at all.


            Well, actually I am one of this 0.0001% and I think this number is bigger than you think.
            Unreal is used by a lot of industries and especially the ones that are not game related, are totally dependent on features like that - that said, for me, the documentation is totally lacking in areas like the sequencer and batch tools.

            At work we need to use the composure plugin and we are rendering a lot of movies with the sequencer, but we can't write a proper (batch) script because we simply does not know the commands for it. The composure plugin works just with the right Capture Protocol ... usually it's just jpg, png etc ... but the composure is something different and you can't find nowhere this information :/
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              If you're expectating C++ tutorials, i think it won't happen, the c++ of the engine is too complicated because it's has to work also with blueprints and all the core systems of unreal.

              For blueprints and all editors inside the unreal i think them are plenty tutorials explaining them. I don't remeber lack info about how to use them.

              The Engine Preview Versions really are lacking explanation of the new added content, so people just start understanding what was added after the official version release, because at the preview, theres almost no info.

              For content that the engine doesn't has, the plugins helps alot, but the biggest difficult for plugin creators is make it work in c++, since API's for c++ are terrible hard to make work the communication, build, compile and so on..