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    [FEATURE REQUEST] "Every X Seconds" Node

    I feel like having a blueprint node that actives every X seconds and allowing you to specify how many seconds until the node actives, I know there are ways to do this with the timer node and the delay node but to keep things simple I feel like this would be a big help

    Technically you are not required to use neither the delay nor a looped timer, because your class porbably has a Tick() node already, just hook on to that, create a Float by the name TSNextExecute, then on every tick you will check GetTimeSeconds > TSNextExecute, and if so just execute your code piece then set a new TSNextExecute to be something like GetTimeSeconds() + 0.1 (equivalent of 100msec).

    It may look rather simple, however i think timer code still going to be more efficient than this.
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      Blueprints have a property "Tick Interval (in seconds)".
      Depending on your usecase that might help.