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    Learn >> Video Tutorials :: can't login?

    Last night I was looking around the Epic Game Launcher and found Video Tutorials for EU4 and it brought me to a page where I had to choose my time zone and check some boxes for mailing lists,
    then it forwarded me to the video tutorials.

    I like the First Hour series and completed them.

    Later I wanted to visit back to the video tutorials and it keeps asking me for my time zone and gives the options to check the boxes again, as if it tries to register my account over and over.

    I get the following error page:
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    What is your experience if you simply follow the link to the landing page? (you will probably be prompted to log in)
    Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator



      It brings me to the same page after logging in:

      When I fill the form in and submit it get to:

      That's the loop I'm stuck in.
      I've tried different browsers, with and without addons.

      I managed to 'Register/Form' the first time, last night, completed the 1st hour series and went to bed.
      Since that session expired I'm unable to login.

      It keeps pushing me to the Register/Form and is unable to complete/login succesfully.
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        Sorry to hear about the troubles. I'm not an owner of the learning platform, but if you'll please send an email to which explains the issue, the correct people will investigate and follow up.

        Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator