Unreal Engine is a great Game Engine that has a lot of cool features and awesome rendering quality. but when it comes to coding features it lacks. I came from Unity and unity doesn't have issues when it comes to coding. but in UE4, I don't know that my code is correct or not because I always get red underlines no matter what. and there is no better IntelliSense in UE4. It doesn't have a good support for C++ programmers. so, we need to depend on third-party plugins like Reshaper C++ and Visual Assist. Unreal Engine should create its official plugin for visual studio to handle thing on the programming side.

- Add complete IntelliSense that work for even Macro specifiers.

- Add Live Error Highlighting (at the current time I always get red underlines in my code but code works fine after compilation) - Better hint for indicating errors and their solutions.

third party plugins provide IntelliSense which are slow and have a lot of features that I don't need and it doesn't handle errors which is very important for a programmer.