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Transferring learning demo into other projects

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    [LEARNING RESOURCES] Transferring learning demo into other projects

    When I am doing this, like transferring Infiltrator Demo into my game, I have a lot of missing material texture.

    Do you know how to avoid this ?
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    When migrating you have to keep the original folder structure of the source project (infiltrator in your example) to your own project.

    For example, If Infiltrator has a folder with materials located in "Content/Materials", you have to migrate it to the same location in your project. It can't go to something like "Content/Mesh/Materials" or "Content/SomeLocation" and still work. The original assets will lose reference to where they should be grabbing correct assets to plug in, like the materials in the errors above not knowing where the texture assets are that it's needing to use.
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      Exact, but I wanted to push the transfer further, like trying to move all the contents to another folder in my project.

      And I got this error.