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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Retarget Manager

    It's a little headache to set this manager, I am sure we all can be agree.

    But here's some improvement you can made:

    Instead having unsorted "Source Bones List" you can sort it like the child-parent list in "Skeleton Tree".
    It hurts my eyes if I am focusing on element in the list, the vision sight is colliding with neighbor elements.

    Also you can highlight like with a neon shader the same kind of bones, when placing the cursor on "clavicle_l" you can highlight "clavivle_r".
    It would be helpful to quickly know which bones to retarget instead trying to search its bone twin into the list.

    It would be fine to be able to copy the name of the bone where the mouse cursor is, it's boring to retyping by hands the bones name.

    Being able to automatically move the camera close to the bone we are double-clicking in the Skeleton Tree should be a good feature to have.
    It's hard to know where the bone is when we are working on multiple windows on the same monitor.

    Considering we cannot have space inside bone's name, it would be great if hitting space bar, it generate an underscore "_" instead a space " "
    In order to facilitate the search for bone's name.

    Once you have found the correct bone's name, just need to press "Enter" to validate the Target, like when scripting with Blueprint.
    It's cool to automatize that instead clicking with the mouse to validate the target.
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