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Please Update the UE4 Virtual Reality Template With New Information

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    Please Update the UE4 Virtual Reality Template With New Information


    Could someone please update the description of the Virtual Reality Template in UE4 please? I would like to see ALL of the platforms it can support out of the box. Right now, it just mentions desktop and PSVR. What platforms are officially supported using this template?

    I was able to successfully deploy a project to it (after changing the Project Settings to Mobile and Scale 2D per deployment to mobile VR and other changes and such) to 6DOF (Oculus Quest) and 3DOF (Oculus Go).

    While there is still much tuning to do, I believe this is huge for myself and others. Being able to use the VR templates and have things just work is fantastic in my mind.

    Although I have noticed that on the Oculus Quest, the thumbstick rotation doesn't work all of the time; I can try to use the thumbstick and teleport in the direction I want to be facing when I let go but it doesn't work consistently. On my desktop rig playing RoboRecall, I can easily teleport behind a robot, grab its handle and rip its head off. I've noticed the same issue at times on RoboRecall on the 'Quest at times too.

    To originally avoid having to use the default controller which ships with the Oculus Go, I simply created projects and used a bluetooth gamepad (SteelSeries) instead. I had no idea the VR template could work with Oculus Go until I recently tested it out and was pleasantly surprised.

    I love being able to side-load on both Oculus Quest and 'Go but I want to know if what I'm doing is fully supported by Epic Games by using these VR templates.