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One-sided geometry should render both sides

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    [RENDERING] One-sided geometry should render both sides

    I imported a single-sided object from Rhino, through Datasmith. I gave that single-sided object a 2-sided gray material. When I built the lighting, the backside is constantly black. It does not bounce any reflected light, nor does it properly let in light if I hide it.

    To truly make a single-sided object work, it seems that UE would have to look at the static mesh actor's material to check if it is double-sided, and then make a duplicate/ inverted set of UVs for the backside. I am guessing UE does not do this. Any help? I am NOT making a lampshade or other semi-transparent object, but a fully-opaque object and that is still not working correctly.

    Basically, for pipeline and design iteration speed, it is not practical to make all my objects have thickness in Rhino. UE should be able to handle bounced lighting properly with single-sided objects.

    Can this be done currently in UE?