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    [BLUEPRINT] Empty blueprint childs

    Hi everybody.

    First, sorry for my bad english, but I hope I its good enaugh for telling you my problem.

    I use Version 4.22.3

    Following is the problem. In the last time I have very often the problem that blueprintchilds are empty. If I make a parent blueprint an make from this a child, change something or fill it with the components they needed, than I put it into the szene is every thing fine. But then I run the game to check for mistakes, this part of the bluebrint do nothing. If I open then the child of the blueprint its complete empty. Not the variables, setings or something, ther is nothing inside. I see only the menu, the buttons compile, save and browse and on the right corner the link to the parent class.

    In my screenshot is for example a NPC_Charakter, should have AI, Mesh and all what needed. But I have the same problem with diferent blueprint-childs.

    The AI, Blackboard and Behaviortree looks fine. Every blouprints thair not a child from a parent are fine too.

    I check delete the blueprint-child and make it new, I have uninstaled the Unreal engine and install again, but the problem stais.

    Have someone a solution or a work arround? With this problem I cant keep going with my game.

    thank you in advance

    Go to Window and click "My Blueprint"


      Yes, ok. But thats not the solution. I have than only a extra window with events, functions, macros etc... and if i click on class defaults I got a window with the details. But thats all only extra windows, not a classwindow with all informations. and if I save this layout and open it again, the class default window is empty. and i dont have view port and all this... thats not funy to work with.

      Edit: The other problem is, all the blueprints they have this failure dont work. They dont make an error und they do nothing. First time I had this problem was with an inventoryblueprint child. the objekt was in the level, but for the inventory it do nothing. same like in this example. the pig make some idle animations, but not more. no walking, running, whatever. every other blueprints I use directly, without child, works perfect and fine.
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        I am the only one with this problem?


          Try removing /Saved folder from your project's folder. Perhaps you got something evil there.
          Also move /Config folder out of project's folder for test - IIRC engine would generate a default config. You can move your present config back if another solution would work.

          These are just blind shots


            Dosnt work. save- and configfolder outside of the project. but same mistake. bluebrints dont work and in editor nothing to see.

            So I found a Folder nemed reimportcache, i moved outside, same efect, change nothing.
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              What happens if you're create a brand new project from template?


                A new one is ok. The problems comes with more code. At the beginning are no problems, with some code I have sometimes this problems, but if you delete and make new child it works. and after much more code I have this problem instand. Then I can delte the child, make new, the problem stays again.

                In the meanwile I delete all plugins, but its not the soloution too.


                  IMHO it's not worth of your time to try fixing it properly.
                  Back up your project. Drop napalm on your OS, format it, clean everything. Launch project on a clean machine.

                  Although if you're not tired of this yet... there are 2 things you could try...
                  - Remove DDC (derived data cache). It's located at C:\Users\[your user]\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine. I don't see what could get corrupted there, just try it...
                  - Launch your project on a different machine. Check if the issue persists.


                    Hmmmm... The system ist clean. I need one week to install all what I need, becouse I have only 2 MBit internet here
                    The DDC I didnt found in this folder, only some logfiles. But I think they are not very meaningful, becouse I made so much tests here to finde the failure.

                    The biggest problem is, in the past I started my project complete new, I programmed every thing new becouse I had the same problem before. So I delete all, installed the system new, unreal engine new and all this. Becouse I thought I made some mistakes in the programming or something. And in the new project I had programmed verycarefully to avoid the same mistake. The only one I can do, check it on my Surface Pro 2 in hope that have enough power.

                    Oh, if its helpful... My System is

                    Intel i7 8. generation
                    NVidia 1080
                    16 GB Ram
                    Complete system Alienware 17R4
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