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    Quick Test Package


    If there is one thing that I would love to see done in UE4.. it is packaging. Packaging takes quite some time especially in our pipeline. It takes the quickest 20 minutes to commit (in dev-raw-ue4 form), package and then commit again (in package directory) for the other pcs to test.

    A lot of times, the changes are just for one bp. And this takes another 20 minutes or so - needless to say cumbersome it is.

    So what I would love to see is this:-
    1) One bp is modified.
    2) I can simply right click on that BP file, and then UE4 will package (along all others bps which depends on it) into a new folder - with directory structure intact.

    Edit: Of course I can run the project in non-package form. It is just that I need to install all the plugins, UE4 in the other computers too and slower in performance too.
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