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    AMD Ryzen

    I recently built up a new pc with the following specifications:
    - AMD Ryzen processor 2950 16 core, 32 thread
    - Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 8 Gb
    - 16 Gb DDR4 ram
    - SSD hard drive 960 Gb

    But when I opened a project using unreal it took so much time
    - It took 17 minutes without compiling to just open the project
    - another 11 minutes to compile shaders

    While my 8 years old pc with the following specifications:
    - Intel i7 second generation 2700 8 core
    - Nvidia Geforce 560 GTX
    - 16 Gb DDR 3 ram
    - 1TB mechanical hard drive

    it took

    - 12 minutes to open the same project without compiling
    - another 12 to compile shaders

    So my question is Unreal not compatible with AMD Ryzen, please advice

    Sometimes less cores but faster cores are better, depends on the specific use case.


      Threadripper 2950X?
      I don't see why Unreal would be "incompatible" with your hardware. In my case, this CPU is at least 3x faster than the old Core i7-4770. Even faster with shaders.
      It looks like a hardware problem.

      I'm not an expert here, but I can think of a few things to check.
      - Are drives connected to SATA3 or slower interface? It's a common issue. Although I doubt any Threadripper motherboard has slower interfaces, these mobos are so expensive. What mobo you got anyway?
      - What's CPU temperature under heavy load? I got 55 C at 100% utilization (72 C if you'd look at TControl temperature).

      RAM... I'd recommend at least 32 GB quad channel memory. CPU will use it well, the fastest DIMMs you can get. You need a lot of memory to feed all 32 threads.
      Of course, even 16 GB should be at least as fast as an old machine, right?
      When I installed 3200 MHz memory, I had to change the profile in BIOS to actually get that speed. IIRC it was just 2133 MHz by default. Perhaps anything something else to set in BIOS...

      Maximum memory speed can be reached by equipping the system with four identical DIMMs. This will enable quad-channel memory, which is essential for extracting the most performance out of Threadripper systems. If you equip more than four DIMMs the maximum supported memory frequency will be slightly lower, due to extra load on the memory subsystem.

      Unreal Engine consumes around 0.7 GB of RAM per compiling thread. When you compile with all 32 threads of the Threadripper 1950X, memory usage peaks at around 21 GB. Shader compiler memory peak is similar.
      You want to read this article. I found it quite helpful while I was assembling my own rig.
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        The answer is, no, I know people that have shipped entire indie games developed on a Threadripped, it should be faster than your old PC in every way.

        I'm not sure what's wrong, but new system misconfiguration is always a headache, one that can take a while to sort out.