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    [LAUNCHER] Launcher organization

    It would be really nice to add a folder option to the "My Projects" and especially the "Vault" section of the Library in the launcher. When you have a large amount of things in your vault it can be really difficult to manage everything and see what you have or are looking for. If a folder option was available we could organize these assets for easier finding instead of alphabetically and mixed character's with environments with plugins, etc.

    For instance we could have a folder labeled "UI Assets" and put all of our UI related marketplace items in there. Same with environments, props, plugins, materials, music and what not.

    I think this would be a very welcomed feature for everyone who uses it the launcher to create/import assets to projects.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Absolutely - this is something we'd like to improve. Thanks for the suggestion


      A few days ago I ran into this problem. A lot of different things accumulated in the vault and it became difficult to navigate.
      I even sketched an example.