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[ENGINE][LAUNCHER] UE 4.22.0 fail to open

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    [ENGINE][LAUNCHER] UE 4.22.0 fail to open

    Hi there,

    I can't launch UE 4.22.0 Editor after updating from 4.22.0 Beta to 4.22.0.
    Everytime I try to create or launch an existing project I receive the Datasmith error as shown in the attached image and Editor doesn't open,
    taking me back to epic game launcher.

    If I try to re-build datasmith stuff, it says I need to compile my project from source manually, that's seems pretty absurd.
    I've tried bot rebuilding and not rebuilding, but this doesn't change the game.
    I'm launching 4.22.0 with -dx12 option enabled to use raytracing.

    4.22 Beta was fully functioning and didn't shown this problem.
    I've verified both the 4.21 and 4.22 Engines but this not solve the problem.
    I can't reinstall datasmith because it says that it's installed on every engine.

    I'm on Windows 64bit 1809 how can this issue be fixed?
    Am I the only with this problem?

    It sounds like you need to update your version of the Datasmith plugin. On the Launcher's Unreal Engine > Library page, just click on "Installed Plugins" underneath the 4.22 engine slot. You should see an option to update to the latest version of Datasmith.

    A mismatched Datasmith version doesn't normally cause this problem. It only occurs in relation to the Previews. It is not an issue with the official releases or any hotfixes.
    Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator


      it ended up doing a clean installation of 4.22