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    Agreed, sorting is badly needed. Especially when the launcher performs like a slideshow and takes forever to scroll.

    Filter, Folders, Categories, user defined, etc. For both projects and assets.
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      Even moving the launcher window is a pain. It's performing at around 3 FPS or less on my 16 core cpu machine. Something is just very wrong with this program.


        Just a random thought:

        Another way of tackling this huge pain with the current launcher/vault thing would be to give us the specs about how the vault files are organized (file format, paths, etc.). The community could then build their own management application.

        Is there anything planned that we can anticipate in the future? It feels like we'll never get this sorted to be honest.


          Would be nice to get an official update on what the status is. Are we going to see something that will finally solve this problem this year?

          I recently came across this interesting repo:

          I'd go an build a GUI client for this with nice sorting capabilities right away .. but .. I fear all my work would go down the drain instantly if Epic ever changes this (publicly unsupported) API.