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    [LAUNCHER] Open content on a new window

    I don't know if someone said it already, but when you're browsing the Marketplace from the Launcher, if you open a pack to check it, when you go Back you have to scroll down from the beginning. It would be nice to be able to open a package to see the details on a different window, created like the Launcher or even to open a link, so when you're checking for stuff, when you return to the marketplace you don't have to scroll through everything you've already seen again.
    Thank you

    Agreed. Browsing the MP via the Epic's Launcher s*cks.

    • No Smooth Scrolling
    • No ability to open content in new tab
    • No List View option

    All of which are most certainly a must.

    Personally i only browse the MP with my browser (Firefox) where i have full control. But it lacks dark mode.. :/

    All of these things i bet epic can implement in one day.
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      The launcher has a severe lack of tabs. I use those constantly in browser, even steam supports them (though a little crappy, it always makes a new window)...