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UMG Rich Text Block - Ability to load image at runtime

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] UMG Rich Text Block - Ability to load image at runtime

    This is a request to either:

    a) expose the "Image Set" (Data Table) property in the built-in RichTextImageDecorator, to Blueprint (so we can change the image set at runtime, depending on what platform we're on), OR
    b) expose the Decorators array in the Rich Text Block, or add a blueprint node which allows us to add an image decorator for e.g. the current platform (after async loading it ourselves)

    I've been using the new Rich Text Block for displaying keys to the user which works great, but currently it seems like you need to have all images for all platforms loaded... or at least I can't find a way to load just the images for the current platform, when it comes to displaying them in a rich text block.

    I can have a separate data table for the images per-platform, but am unable to tell my rich text block to load/use just a specific image set, without diving into C++.
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