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    [LAUNCHER] Restirction vs Options - Feedback


    First of I want to say, I wish the Epic Launcher great success and at one day it becomes the main Launcher for all Unreal Engine Games (Best Engine which currently exists IMO)

    Metro Exodus Exclusive:
    I think that's the worst move you could have done.
    Try to put yourself in our view. Would I or any other Gamer say: "Yea, awesome, restrictions! I am forced to download the Game I really like on a my 7th Game Launcher! I will defiantly stick with that Launcher and support exclusivity, because that's what I want for gamers". or "Another ****** Launcher which baits me with exclusives. No reviews, the refund policies doesn't look that great either... . Yea, I might pirate that 1 Title and buy it later on a platform of my choice".
    I don't support pirating games, it is basically stealing. So no, I will wait until it's on sale, I have the patience but others wont have it.

    Multiple Launchers:
    Tbh, I'm not against multiple Launchers, especially when the Developers get more money out of games I enjoy playing.
    IMO GoG Launcher is the only Launcher which IMO is fair for both Developers and customers, with big bonuses, like DRM free and offline mode.
    The Origin Launcher is just awful. Everything is very balky, the interface opens with a delay, there Orgin Chat is unreliable and there are multiple sub chats for origin games, it's just bad organized. Further to EA, it means **** to them if you want to refund games even if you fulfill all criteria, no reviews, you need multiple clicks to launch 1 game or change game.
    The Battlenet Launcher, it is convenient to launch a game or change the game, negative is, you don't see which games you own and which you don't. The chat is easy and compact, likewise for the friendlist. No reviews either.
    The Uplay Launcher, they finally managed to make the chat use friendly, though it's still balky. Beside of that, it's a good launcher, still no reviews.
    The Steam Launcher, it's by far the best Launcher, even though they have a balky chat now as well. It isn't as fair to the Developers as to the consumers and the 30% revenue cut is hefty. You have a Profile, which can eb customized, it has reviews, an offline mode, integrated forums, a fair refund policy, very usefriendly and intuitive interface.
    The Bethesda Launcher, it uninstalls games from you so I avoided it like the pest.
    The Epic Launcher, it looks decent, the left hand bar should be smaller, no reviews, I have to get used to that kind of shop, thought I would like to filter games after a certain genre, or see which genre that game is, it's just an image no infos, but perhaps that's intentional.

    Steam vs Epic Launcher:
    Steam is the better launcher, that's a fact.
    It is more consumer friendly,
    it is a very well developed Launcher,
    the consumer-developer connection is much closer due to the Forum and reviews,
    it allows you to customize your Profile, or set it as private, and it has a profile which can be linked.
    The Game page has multiple pages which can be cycled through, to give a good perspective from consumers over that produce, with screenshots, videos, streams, a forum and reviews. A graph at reviews, where you easily detect if review bombing happened, it allows you to filter only negative and positive reviews, or which were the most helpful. For MP games, it shows how many players are currently playing (unless it’s under 300). Where every gamer can find what he needs to make the right choice to buy or not to buy.
    The Store front page shows which games are new or on sale and what’s recommended after your library and shop behavior,
    Then you see other sales, what friends bought, you can filter which games you want, etc. I think you should take inspiration from there.

    That's why Steam is a better Launcher! Not because it has more games, because you can have awesome games but a ****** launcher and the Launcher is still **** (for example Origin, but EA sucks balls as well).

    What could the Epic Launcher do better then Steam?
    1. First off, be as consumer friendy as you are friendly to the game developers.
    2. Be transparent and fair, that would help feeling more safe.
    3. Impliment a Forum and Reviews (make it possible for Developers to activate or deactivate both, having options is great)
      1. You could provide a feature for websites, to link in with your Epic Launcher Account to the official Forum of the Game. Further to, you can implement it that way, that it keeps the same look like every other Epic Launcher Forum.
      2. No reviews would mean it's a ****** game and it wants to hide it. So please don't just block reviews for a period, but make it to show it or not, if Dev's want that.
    4. Profile customisation
    5. Achievements, Screenshot or whatever Showcases
    6. Profile Text
    7. Links to the other Launcher Profiles
      1. tbh, if you make it possible to quickly show your Origin, Uplay, Steam, Discord, etc, and start the Launcher or even the Games and still display them on your Epic Launcher, then that would defiantly make me change my main Launcher from Steam to Epic.
    8. Present your better selling conditions from Steam as a Selling point for costumers! Because that was the first reason why I was excited about this Launcher
    9. Be the Platform for which promotes games on multiple Platforms (if you get PS4 or XBox exclusives to PC, that would be awesome)
    10. Customize the Interface (like what Tab should be first to open, which order it has, which colour, etc)
    Final Worlds:
    I think competition is good for business, that's why I was really excited about you guys going for a Launcher, because you have the potential to be an alternative to Steam. You have the Unreal Engine on your Side, you produce games and the Developers get more revenue when they sell copies here. I thought that might be the next great Launcher and I were looking for Games to purchase here.
    Thought then you went for exclusives... and now I stay faaaar away from you.
    That's nothing I want to support. I want no exclusives at all, I would like to play every game on my favorite Platform of my choice and I would like that everyone could enjoy every game on their Platform of choice. I would like that PS4, XBox, Switch and PC Players can play together (depands on their imput device, to ensure fair competition).

    I hope that guy who is responsible for the "we go for exclusives" get's fired!
    Listen to consumers and take feedback, create a Launcher which is better then Steam, produce Games and have options to Link to other Launcher. It is impossible to get all games on 1 Platform, so focus on beeing the center point of all Launchers and get games which would be exclusives on other platforms on your platform as well.
    Then you get the good will from consumers, and because what you did with the offer by released Unreal Engine Games on the Epic launcher its very appealing to Dev's as well.

    In short:
    You turned a exited customer to a rival by going with exclusives.