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Cannot Create Terrain without UE4 Crashing

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    Cannot Create Terrain without UE4 Crashing


    I use Mac 10.14.2 and I cannot create terrain without Unreal Editor crashing.

    Unreal Editor version: Version: 4.19.2-4033788+++UE4+Release-4.19

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Create a new empty project
    2) Select Landscape in Modes
    3) Hit Create (see Photo 1 for settings)
    4) Progress bar hits 100% and then it freezes and the program crashes.


    If I set Overall Resolution to the lowest possible (64x64) and I am in an empty project with no assets besides starter content, then it will SOMETIMES work (but still usually it will NOT work).


    I really want to use Unreal Editor, but it is very hard for me to feel comfortable making games on an engine where I cannot create terrain. I have seen this issue posted before and it has even been marked as fixed (sometimes from a couple years ago), but it - at least for me - is obviously not fixed. Can somebody please help? Also is there a bug report section here?

    Thank you!

    Photo 1

    What are your hardware specs? If you haven't gotten a Mac specifically for game development then it'll likely just have the integrated GPU which doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run UE4.


      Sorry I forgot to include them. Here they are:


        Your hardware specs seem okay, altough I don't know if the Engine runs well on mac.. but have you tried to create a very small landscape, to see if that hangs up too?

        Alternatively you can go through the engine logs, or check your taskbar (does mac have something like that?) to see if the process is taxing your computer too much.