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Saving and Apply inconsistency when editing some assets

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    Saving and Apply inconsistency when editing some assets

    I was editing some materials around the mannequin, making custom duplicates, changing stuff around.

    I found out there is a saving/apply inconsistency or at least unexpected and awkward behavior.

    When I tried saving and applying to the engine output my changes I had difficulty, but when I DID NOT want to apply my changes they applied automatically without the ability to undo and without any warning to NOT save them.

    The main editor's SAVE ALL function doesn't seem to count for the opened material/entity assets as they all remained with the * sign, but when closing them they would not display a "save changes" dialog warning as usual.

    I had to go specifically into the material layer of the subeditor's window and save it there yet again even after I hit SAVE ALL in the main editor window and BUILD. Secondly, the UNDO feature wasn't able to recover the original state of the, so some kind of Save could have happened that cleaned the UNDO history or what?

    There infact was no actual save, because the last resort was to close the editor and then it asked if the changes

    I think a more clear and separated and informative system is needed to clearly recognize what is APPLIED TO THE ENGINE and what is SAVED TO DISK and the relationship of the MAIN EDITOR and SUBEDITORS more clear, seems like the SAVE ALL in the Main editor window doesn't apply for the SUB editors, in some cases, but I probably didn't notice everything as I'm just starting to use it.

    There could be some kind of a saving dialog which would be a list of everything to be saved/applied to engine, just like the unsaved changes dialog, so it would be more clear what the SAVE ALL function touches.

    More, the BUILD function should have a dialog pop up if there are unsaved/unapplied changes

    Also I do not agree that Saving also Applies the changes to the engine, that can surely be made separate, there's no need for the engine to apply things when you simply save it to disk as that takes time and slows things down, but it would have to rebuild when you reopen the project, all it needs is a simple dialog: "Building previously saved changes" or "Rebuilding outdated assets from a previous session."

    Also there is another type of inconsistency, I was editing the mannequin body material and after making changes and hitting apply, the editor would place a "*" unsaved changes mark only after the Apply was made, shouldn't the mark and other indications of unsaved/unapplied (or separate) changes be made as soon as the change is made. And yes it did, but in a previous sessions elsewhere, so that's why I think it's inconsistency.
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