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    Originally posted by Keyshooter View Post
    "While active development of SkookumScript has ceased"

    Wait, is SkookumScript dead?
    Certainly looks like that. Agog labs is only two people, they can't develop both skookum and the new language for epic at the same time..


      Originally posted by Zeblote View Post

      It says that development of skookum script has ended. To me that suggests they will not be using that, but instead hired the creators of it to make something new... UnrealScript 2.0 anyone?
      Yeah, I've probably rushed to make (likely wrong) assumption that the reason Skookum has ended was because negotiation with Epic to integrate it within the engine has started. So I thought they just stopped publishing the new version to keep working on a native version under the hood. But that was indeed a long stretch


        Understandable... Specially if is for two people, I just hope the 4.21 plugin can be launch for the people who was waiting for it. I hope of, there is gonna really be a new language in between, nothing but the best in this new project


          SkookumScript had a whole team -
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            Interesting, guess the article that said two people was wrong!


              Originally posted by Noolarch View Post
              SkookumScript had a whole team -
              Hello Conan,

              On the reddit POST Tim Sweeney said this about an intermediate script language:

              "We see the introduction of another programming layer as a decision that’s binding on everything we do for a decade or more so we are cautious about quick patchy decisions."

              Can we know if this new language will be available as soon as possible and then evolved or if it will be a long-term project that will define new directions for Unreal Engine before being available?

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                I hope they could implement it in 4.22!!! (With some paper2d and vs code improvements)


                  Let's hope they do not **** it up.
                  Would like to see a construct that allows us to script in Blueprints and usual programming side by side (New Language and Blueprints is equivalent) and produces proper C++ code when nativized.


                    While all of this is pretty cool, i'd like to point out something:

                    There already exists a scripting solution for UE4 which is pretty great : Haxe
                    Unreal.hx : (This was even given a dev-grant by Epic)

                    Why is it good?
                    -Haxe is staticly typed and has lots of great features
                    -Pleasant syntax to work with, fast compiler
                    -Open source
                    -Compiles to C++ so you get the full benefit of C++ speed.
                    -Can map almost all of the UE4 C++ api
                    -Works great with blueprints
                    -Has a virtual machine for rapid development and live reloading - but still will compile to static for releases
                    -Lots of libs that can be used from other Haxe projects

                    Now - what it needs to be even better is :
                    -Better examples, documentation and tutorials
                    -Even tighter integration with the build tools
                    -To be wrapped up nicely in a easy plugin (maybe in the marketplace)
                    -Official support


                      If it is something like python or similar, it has to all be integrated in UE, I wouldn't want to deal with an external environment and especially low on GUI linux-ports.


                        There already some python integration in process but only for editor automation


                        but who knows where it will lead in the future
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                          Why not use Python or C# then? All the engine-apis are custom anyway: it just comes down to different containers, datatypes and new syntax to learn. Why reinvent the wheel with a new language.

                          This will be another one of these niche languages that can never compete with widely adopted languages like Python/C# that have grown for years on a much larger userbase.

                          The heavy stuff has to stay C++ anyway for performance reasons. Why not build a lightweight python wrapper that is easy enough to use for level-designers/artists and under the hood interacts with the c++ apis (so c++ documentation doesnt get completely abandoned). Much like Pytorch or Tensorflow
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                            Most existing languages weren't written specifically for making games, let alone integrate fully with UE. To be useful, they would need to be changed so much that they would no longer conform to whatever standard defines them (which also might cause issues with whoever defines that standard).

                            Sometimes it really is better to reinvent the wheel, if you're trying to do something that wheels weren't designed for.

                            Fortunately, Epic just bought a company that created a language that was written specifically for creating games and can integrate with UE4.


                              Yes, but they didn't make any official statement about new hires working on new language. That is just general assumptions.

                              From my understanding they are still just working on editor scripting tools for VFX studios. While there's no official word about a runtime scripting language, to me nothing has changed.

                              And the reason why not C# or Python have already been discussed. They have their own GC environment, Unreal have its own too. Two GC systems on a professional game engine would be irresponsible and plain dumb thing to do.

                              The creators of Blueprints can help with this, no?!
                              Why not develop an scripting environment that makes use of the already existing Blueprint Kismet Compiler, instead of forcing an "alien" isolated system, ignoring the fact that Kismet Compiler already exists..
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                                Yes, it is an assumption that a scripting language is being (or will be) worked on, but in general you don't buy a company that specialises in a particular product or service in order to put them to work on something unrelated.