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Improve "Select" node

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    Improve "Select" node


    I use the "Select" node a lot and while it's very useful there are three things that bug me:

    - There should be an option to add entries when you use an Integer to select the output (similar to the "Switch on name"-node).
    - I use it with Enumerations very often and when I add something to the Enum I have to delete the Select node, replace it and all enter all values again - it should refresh automatically just like Enum switches.
    - The only way to make it appear (apart from the favorites) is to right click in an empty space and type "select" - I think it should also appear when you use it on an in or output.

    Thank you for reading!

    Hi DasMatze,

    About #1: There is an option to add new entries in context menu. (It probably should be on top.)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SelectContext.png
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ID:	1056208

    About #2: It's a bug, we're working on the issue.

    Many thanks!