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Query - "Blank Template" (Blueprint)

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    [EDITOR] Query - "Blank Template" (Blueprint)

    Hi guys..... Just wondering if you can help me:

    When trying to create a new "Blank" Template(for Blueprint Project), UE4 creates a template that isn't blank as shown in pics below...... Is this an error or has Epic changed the "Blank Template" from what it used to be in earlier versions for some reason?

    For your ref I'm using UE4 Version 4.20.3. and I added the "Animation Starter Pack" after creating the Template.

    Appreciate any help on this. Thanks guys.

    Is no one else getting this happening to them when creating a blank template project? Am I doing something wrong, though I cannot see what I'm doing wrong if I am; it's pretty simple to create a new blank template project surely? Then why isn't it blank?


      Hi Hawk_UK, I believe what you are seeing is the `Minimal_Default` level which is a default level/map in the starter content. If you want to have an empty level with your blank template, simple go to File > New level and then select a level. I hope that helps. Cheers,


        I think it also depends on having included the starter content or not.
        I dont think these assetes are included if you dont add the starter content to the project...


          I remember being surprised after creating a new blank 'empty' project recently...
          Once it was actually 'loaded up', UE4.18 still added ~500MB of starter content....
          You can purge it manually anyway, as there's no pre-existing dependencies etc...
          What are the BEST Unreal Tutorials / Docs? There are none tbh... Here's why
          Instead its better to just take projects apart (see the free 'creators' listed here)


            Sorry guys, I feel a bit silly now..... My only redeemer is the fact that I've only just recently started to learn the UE4 SDK.
            But yeah it is a bit misleading, especially for beginners, when creating a blank template to then be confronted with content in the default scene level; surely it would be better to just create the template level asked for and UE4 designate that as the current default level for the project?

            Anyway, I really appreciate your help guys in explaining this UE4 editor quirk to me as I thought with being a beginner to UE4 I was doing something wrong as it wasn't doing what I asked it to do which was to create a blank template, and I really appreciate you all taking the time to answer and explain what must've seemed like a dumb question from a beginner. Thanks.