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Screenshot the used area of a blueprint.

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Screenshot the used area of a blueprint.

    We've probably been in this situation at least once...

    Someone needs help on their BPs, and you're trying to show an example... one screen at a time, because you don't have a 4k monitor on hand, and you can only snap many legible pieces of it. or in my case, your teacher is showing it on a projector, and all you can do is snap photos of the screen.

    On behalf of our class, and our teacher who agrees, it would be great if you could hit a button and generate a full 1:1 (or anything within reasonable) sized screenshot of the used area of a blueprint. That means it will fit every single node into a single large image (make sure no one hid a cheeky node way, way out in the middle of nowhere ). This should make it easier for those who just need to share the entire layout of a blueprint to someone... after tidying it up of course.

    You can copy the entire blueprint by clicking off any nodes, selecting all and then copying ... go here and paste it:

    This then gives you the whole blueprint that can be shared ... you can copy from here and past back in to the editor and it will create the nodes again.
    Quinton Delpeche
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      Actually a very cool feature request...


        +1, that's a great idea. Substance Designer does it and it's really helpful for large graphs.


          Something like this Cropper Tool would be great to have Integrated into UE4 with a icon to press the icon button in the Toolbar and use it!!``


            +1.... Good Suggestion!

            Although, it would still require Epic to fix this first I think, as Zoom-In/Out level messes with BP wires overall....