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Missing LoadGameFromMemory function in UGameplayStatics

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    [PROGRAMMING] Missing LoadGameFromMemory function in UGameplayStatics

    UGameplayStatics has a "SaveGameToMemory" function that takes a USaveGame object and serializes it into an array of bytes. I was hoping to use this for writing files to Steam Cloud Storage but there is no equivalent "LoadGameFromMemory" that takes an array of bytes and deserializes it into a save game object so, while I can save, I can't load (using the built-in functionality anyway). The code to do this basically already exists in LoadGameFromSlot (and for the moment I've copied it into my own function library) however, you just specify a save slot to load from instead of giving it a byte array.

    I'd like to be able to use the save game functionality that already exists instead of rolling my own and though my temporary solution of copying the function into my project works, it relies on me remembering to update it every time we update the engine so I'd prefer an official solution instead.