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paid for support for Unreal Engine and C++ questions?

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    [LEARNING RESOURCES] paid for support for Unreal Engine and C++ questions?

    I like answerhub and the mountains of documentation that epic provides, it is useful. However it still makes sense to me for Epic to offer better paid for support for developers that want it, that have specific questions and challenges that are only vaguely referenced without enough detail(this is a problem in many places), or the material is dated and does not work, or the developer is simply lost in a sea of bits and bob's and desires council, or very commonly there are these snags everywhere and you just don't know.... etc.... It can be more than a week in some cases to resolve questions and crunch bugs on answerhub, much more in some cases. Does Epic plan on offering more robust paid for support for Unreal Engine and C++ questions?
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    The issue is probably that the people that would have the required knowledge are developers working on the engine and they are already busy


      You're late to the discussion, but there's lots of good points made here.

      Epic don't really seem all that interested / there's no Fortnite money in it...


        Originally posted by franktech View Post
        You're late to the discussion, but there's lots of good points made here.

        Epic don't really seem all that interested / there's no Fortnite money in it...
        I have actually been banging my head on this issue for awhile now. A big part of the problem, I believe, is woefully undeveloped and underutilized technology to show people how to do things, to manage those databases and to demonstrate problems/bugs/issues to other people. this whole method of reporting these issues is painful and ridiculous and should not be done this way generally.

        Its beyond my skill at this time, but I wrote a terse SDD for a program I called 'Action Path' that is just a seriously beefed up version of Step Recorder technology that would make learning software and analyzing bugs posted by users a lot easier. i do not understand why this has not been developed and widely used already. Someone please enlighten me. I wrote this after searching for an aforesaid equivalent and finding nothing. I posted the SDD on the forum of a developer working on XSR, a linux version of Step Recorder and was happy he really liked the idea.

        "Hello was looking around for some software. I could not find what I was looking for, but I found your XSR github page. I noticed your work is similar to what I was looking for, and you seem like a talented programmer. Perhaps you could refer me to what I am looking for or you like my 'Software Design Document' so much you just decide to build it yourself, which would be great or send the SDD to somebody who wants it. What I am looking for is described in the SDD below. I would be happy to beta test it for you.

        Action Paths: A much better Step Recorder
        Is basically a Keylogger that is Not For Spying, but for educational purposes. It marks the next action for the student To follow with a bright easy to see translucent graphical marker, wherever that action may be located on the screen.

        These action paths are created by teachers. The teacher just accomplishes the task while the program logs what they are doing, then teacher edits out junk actions they made, adds relevant materials between actions, and can upload the new Action path when they are happy with their work. They need to be able to build a new path at any point along the main path. They can use this technique to keep their action paths up to date. The Action Path won't work if the teacher removes actions necessary to complete the task.

        AP Would need to Allows teacher to insert text, hyperlinks, picture, videos, quiz's and links to other Action Paths in between actions. Inserting this information wherever it makes sense to ensures student are gaining context and learning to think about what they are doing, rather than only imitating actions they don't really understand (for example entering math formulas), and is also needed to ensure they have any information they may need along the Path.

        AP should be able to Check the Action Path to alert student or teacher if the path doesn't work (because the program can't get to the next action), this allows students to quickly alert teachers to problems in their work, and allows teachers to quickly identify these problems and fix them, if possible(or make a new separate path file). This system ensures learning materials are never going out of date because its so easy to check if your AP's are working or not.

        Teachers should be able to Append multiple paths to a chain, student simply chooses what path they want to follow, can go back later and try the other paths. The teacher simply inserts a 'fork' in front of the action preceding the option to go another way.

        Action Paths should work with virtually all software, so that paths can be created between different software packages (between Photoshop and Maya for example or between various Office products or CAD packages or development environments(API's IDE's). I think software companies would pick up on the value of this and support it as needed.

        Action Paths would need Skip ahead and go back functionality as much as possible, and the ability to skip to significant 'markers' in a similar way that someone would skip around in a book to find specific information(so it needs that level of formatting ability for teachers so students can quickly find what they are looking for(table of contents, glossary, index(because nomenclature is so important). Obviously not everybody using the Action Path needs all the steps, they are just looking for a specific spot where they have got lost.

        Students and teachers should be able to store Action Paths in its own database for reference, and be able to access Action Paths online that they can load into their database to learn how to do all sorts of thing

        Obviously the ability to search ones database for Action Paths is needed as well as the ability to use the search technology in the AP file itself to search for specific places along the path.

        When somebody realizes they are constantly traveling the same path, Action Paths should be able to be used to quickly condense that chain into a single click (where that makes sense, at the users discretion). Creating a new button or small interface as relevant.

        Action Paths should be able to be used as a bug reporter. The Action Path file could be submitted to a software company, ensuring software companies are always receiving valuable feedback from their customers.


        Operating a computer is just a series of Actions. Action Paths would be extremely useful for any software companies trying teach new customers how to use their software to win new customers. I really can't figure out why this hasn't been done already, but I can't find anything like what I am describing.

        Its well known that people typically hate constantly having to learn new paths so much they would rather pay for something they understand than get a similar free version that requires them to learn new paths. Action Paths couldn't be ignored by big companies and would make it much much easier for small competitors to win new customers, because customers don't have to read hundreds and thousands of pages of manuals, they can just follow the trail to complete relevant tasks.

        Action Paths would be extremely useful for anybody who wants to gain 'Know How'

        Action Paths would be extremely useful for any software engineer, because it allows the people who use their software to send them literal feedback of the problem. I honestly cannot figure out why this has not been done already.

        Action Paths overcomes most of the technical barrier that makes it very hard for smaller software companies to get anybody to use their software.

        Action Paths obviously has quite a bit more going on in its design than Step Recorder, but the technology it requires has been around for years. A good programmer could do it. You could probably do it or maybe this is already around but i can't find it."

        XSR and the developer can be found here
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