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Maya live link bug

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    Maya live link bug

    I successfully connected live link on some machines. However, some machines are not successful in Maya connection, message bus source can not display host。What kind of communication protocol is livelink based on?

    Yes, I'm having the same problem with Maya 2018 and Unreal 20.1. I have the plugin enabled on both sides as in the Tutorial but the 'Message Bus Source' on the Unreal side doesn't show Maya or any option. Maya isn't showing any errors in the ScriptEditor. How do I track this down?


      Same error as well...

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      Smooth Zoom Camera Plugin for 4.24 here.


        same here... i decided to give up when without any reason it worked just one time, with no understandable replicablity for the process to work. i'm using maya 2018 and ue 4.20.2... i don't know if the issue depends on the dcc or the engine side. any of you got any luck?

        spent a little more time trying to get this working.
        i finally find out this post to help me get to the right track

        actually I have read this some time ago, but with no success, trying to set connection rules or temporary kill my antivirus firewall.
        today i decided to completely uninstall the antivirus app from windows and try again, and it finally worked.

        hope windows defender can be still considered a safe choice
        anyway, glad to have found the solution

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          Hi I'm also having the same issue where Unreal is not recognizing the live link Message Bus Source. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to solve this issue.