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Easy-to-use Physics AnimGraph Node

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Easy-to-use Physics AnimGraph Node

    Hi there.

    It would be great to have an AnimGraph node that automatically blends Physics into the resulting Pose.
    Currently we only have:

    AnimDynamics: Only works with perfect straight Chains, so it's not useful for Characters/meshes where bones have different alignments
    RigidBody: Bones have to be simulating Physics to make it work

    The desired node should work similar to "Simulate Phyiscs Bodies Below" and "Set Blend Physics Weight Below" in an Skeletal Mesh Event.
    The advantage to have a node would be to have an automated blending when the Pose/Animation ends. Currently I have to set Simulate Physics mannually and fade it in/out manually.

    My scenario would be having the Legs of my character hanging around when the character hangs on a ledge. and Blending it out when he climbs up.
    (I know I can handle it myself via Anim Curves etc. But that would mean it has to be updated per tick. So Why not putting the calculations directly into the AnimGraph with a AnimGraph Node?)