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Shortcut for Filter Option & an 'Enable All FIltes'

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    Thank you so much this helps a lot. Wasn't aware of the existing shortcuts, but they will be very useful in the future.

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    Hi Jonas_Scholz, I was able to make the code changes you requested in PR# 4843, see The `Enable This Only` already had a shortcut which was double clicking on a filter + there was one for deleting a filter on the middle mouse button. I swapped `Enable all filter` and `Disable all filters` around to be more in sync with how the buttons work in the blueprint editor and other locations, so enable all is `Ctrl` + Left mouse click and disable all is `Alt` + Left mouse click. I hope that helps. Cheers,

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  • Shortcut for Filter Option & an 'Enable All FIltes'


    Nothing big or high priority, but it would be nice to get some shortcuts for the context-menu of the Added asset filters (See Pic) as well as an option to 'Enable All Filters' per context menu and/or shortcut.

    For example:
    'Enable This Only' = [Shift + LMB] on the filter in question
    'Disable All Filters' = [Ctrl + LMB] on a filter
    'Enable All Filters' = [Alt + LMB] / [Ctrl + Shift + LMB] on a filter

    or maybe Ctrl clicking on a filter, when all are active disables all and when some (or all) are deactivated enables all.

    If there is already some functionality of this kind please let me know, but I didn't find any.