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Editing Physical Materials at Runtime

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    Editing Physical Materials at Runtime

    Hey Epic,

    I love your engine and have been able to make some awesome stuff in this engine however I really can't believe that I am still unable to modify the physical material parameters at runtime.

    Switching physical materials is not good enough, I need to change those parameters in real time. I understand that there is a limited use case for such a thing in games, however I am really trying to use your engine for physics enabled generative audio toys and it is almost my best option, but the fact I can't change properties such as restitution out of the box makes me sad.

    I come from a 2D background and previously used Box2D for my 2D simulations where changing these parameters was a breeze...It seems weird that this is not possible in such a modern game engine.

    I understand that this was once possible in an older version of the engine which is great, I could simply use that, however I will then lose so many of the amazing features I am relying on to make my simulations look and sound pretty.

    I'd like to understand why this change was made in the first place, the only info I have heard is that 'it was by design' but why? It seems like such a backwards design decision to me.

    Anyway, if you could kindly add this feature it would make me incredibly happy and I'll buy the developer who implements this a beer or two


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