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Two improvements for BSPs (or maybe a bug)

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Two improvements for BSPs (or maybe a bug)


    I would want to propose some little improvements for BSPs:

    When you clic on a scene-already-placed BSP, you select only the face you clicked, but if you are in Place mode, it could select ALL the object and faces and it should show the material at the Details tab as the lighting resolution too for the entire object, so it would be much more faster to change materials and lighting resolution. The "face selection" described (the current behaviour), should only continue working in the same way only when you are in the Geometry Editing mode.

    Currently, when you select a BSP and change the dimensions (What a headache! On viewport, you must select the BSP object, which will only select one of the faces and, then, on the content list (World Outliner tab), select again the object, so this way you will see the dimensions in the Details tab), the lighting resolution of all faces of the BSP are restored to its default, so you would need to change it again. Maybe it's a bug, but if it isn't, I think this should be changed anyway.

    Oh, as an extra, would be very interesting to have and option like auto adjust the dimension (in a certain axis, maybe doing a LineTrace) of a BSP placed between two other BSPs, so if you have two paralel walls and place another one between them to connect booth, you would be able to select the correct axis and the option to auto change it's current axis dimension to reach the two faced BSPs.

    Thank you and best regards!
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