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Disable Post Processing Volume in the World Outliner

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Disable Post Processing Volume in the World Outliner

    This may have been suggested before (I looked but didn't find it) or there might be some obvious reason why it doesn't work like this, but here we go:

    I think it would be really helpful if you could disable a Post Processing Volume in the World Outliner by clicking the little eye icon. Obviously this eye works to show/hide meshes, but for many other non-mesh items, it works to disable their effect on the world. For example, lights, Atmospheric Fog, Exponential Height Fog: all turn off their influence on the world when you click the eye to hide them.

    With the Post Process Volume, it simply hides the bounds of the volume. I frequently want to assess the different influences and interactions between different lighting/atmospheric/post processing components by turning them individually and collectively on and off. Currently, with the Post Process Volume, you have to dive all the way down near the bottom of its Details panel and go to Post Process Volume Settings -> Enabled to turn it on and off.

    Why not have the World Outliner eye both (1) hide the bounds of the volume, and (2) disable the PPV?

    +1 localstarlight

    Not really a fan of the Show/Hide Eye either.
    Prefer Enable / Disable for every level actor.
    Pretty sure that 'UDK' used to let you do this....

    Level Prototyping:

    Its tricky to test-drive multiple Post-Process / Skylight / Directional-Light setups & combinations.
    Plus, with Enable / Disable on each level actor, if the level is saved as a 'variation', changes stick.
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