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Better world outliner operations

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    [EDITOR] Better world outliner operations

    From what little I've seen of Unreal, nobody uses the grouping features of the outliner tree hierarchy, and it's no wonder because it's so poorly supported.

    For a proper tree, one would expect:

    * Collapse all/expand all
    * Collapse selection/expand selection
    * Show/hide selected branch and all children
    * Delete selected branch and all children
    * Freely rearrange branches/children
    * Remember arrangement/expanded branches between sessions

    For such a mature product to have such a rudimentary outiner, it's really surprising to me. Even Blender's old and unloved outliner has better operations.

    Coming from Unity, which has all of these features (and Max, and Keyshot and pretty much any other app with a tree), it's one of the biggest hurdles to working in Unreal.
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    Very nice to see branch selection implemented in Unreal now!

    Hope to see the rest some day as well.