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    [MARKETPLACE] Add Bitcoin as payment option

    Epic shall add the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin to its payment options, so that people are able to buy things from the market place for BTC.

    Yes, add Bitcoin already!
    No Freakin way! No.
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    Bitcoin price should be stable not like what we are seeing now (crazy fluctuation)


      I forgot to explain.

      Why does it make sense to add bitcoin as an additional payment option?

      It reduces the fees tied to Paypal, or creditcard transactions
      Bitcoin is decentralized, paying with bitcoin does not support other currency monopolies.
      Bitcoin is certainly not going away, and many people own some. Why do we have to shut them out, or force them exchange into a different currency?

      Implementation would mean that sellers can opt in to get paid in bitcoin. Epic has the financial background to account for market fluctuations. Nobody, is forced to pay or getting paid in bitcoin. The final product price would remain the same, just the amount of bitcoin you have to pay would vary.
      Originally posted by Syed View Post
      Bitcoin price should be stable not like what we are seeing now (crazy fluctuation)
      The bitcoin price has a high market volatility, but if you look how much bitcoin was traded twelve months ago there was growth.If you just focus on the past 4 months the picture is skewed. However, bitcoin should not be confused with a stable currency, instead it is better when comparing it to the gold price.

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        It will simply not work. Even many Bitcoin evangelists admit now that it is no replacement for a currency and should be used as asset like gold. To deal with market fluctuations you have to hedge which will come with additional risks and costs. I try to give an example: Last year the EURUSD went from 1.04 to 1.20. The depreciation of the Dollar was a huge challenge for many Hedge Funds and not all could manage it. And the last four month are only the start because Bitcoin is now challenged by governments and watchdogs.


          Adding Crypto seems progressive. But which one???

          - A criticism of crypto is, which evolution are we in. Is crypto today: Infospace/Excite or Facebook/Google...

          - Bitcoin is too loaded in favor of insiders. Something more distributed with less volatility is badly needed.

          - How long before problems like exchange / wallet hacks are addressed? Who likes 'forks' in the road etc...


            Haha! All 10 votes are no. I don’t want epics to go bankrupt so I am against any stuff like that


              Cryptocurrencies kills GPU prizes too and most cannot even afford middle class GPU now like RX 470 or GTX 1060.
     - Skype alternative, fast C/C++, no bloat.