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Slow on mac opening large projects

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  • Slow on mac opening large projects

    Opening any project over a certain size on the mac literally takes like 20+minutes...

    Has been like this for several versions.

    I think the slow down is related to scanning the asset directory... every time it seems to have to "Building Textures" for all the textures in the project....

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    What are your systems stats? Most Macs aren't really all that powerful


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      Its not awful - 5k retina 27 inch
      i5 3.5 ghz, 24gb, amd radeon m290x 2gb

      Seems to have to do with how many assets are in the project - small and medium projects are fine.

      But once a certain threshold is met a big slowdown happens (only on mac, same project on windwos doesnt have slowdown)

      UPDATE - After opening like 3 or 4 times, it seems to start much quicker (definitely takes more than one project opening though)

      I think it was converting all textures to a mac format and just does some of them each time it starts?