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    [COMMUNITY] Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login.

    Got the same problem last week as I see many posts of it, last friday I tried to log in and it appeared that my account was inactive and it is not possible to login. "Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login." I have never cheated, I have never been a toxic player, I have always respected all the terms of the game and never violated any terms of use, I spent a lot of money in this game, (6 purchases of $ 99.99 + $ 149 from the Save The World edition), I await a response from you with a plausible solution to my problem, I got this problem after the update and I was checking around and its not only me with this problem, please check this. Sincerely.

    These are the wrong forums ... you are posting on the Unreal Engine Forums. Please find the correct forums and post there, I am closing your thread.
    Quinton Delpeche
    Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard