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[Request] World Outliner folders stay closed at launch

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    [Request] World Outliner folders stay closed at launch

    On launch all the folders in the World Outliner open themselves up. I already have about 100 folders and will have 1000+ by the time I'm done; Might as well not have folders if they behave like this. PLEASE fix this. Thanks.


    Agree. In 4.18.0 its at its worst ever. The Editor is constantly opening Closed-Folders and killing performance.
    It slows design work, plus I'd help to have an option to stop the folders being opened during Play in Editor too.
    You can get around it at design time, by typing random characters into the World Outline Search Box to stop it.
    Using that trick, performance quickly returns. But it seems like a strange hack to have to do, not a real solution.
    Also, when editing a scene using Ctrl+G, too many unfoldered GroupActors are created which slows workflow.