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IBM Watson integration (or Alexa, or Google Assistant, or all of them), please ?

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    Originally posted by motorsep View Post

    I wanted to have somewhat-semi-intelligent "chat" with my NPCs.. oh well, maybe in the nearest future...
    Your game would then be playable only in english.


      Originally posted by jonimake View Post

      Your game would then be playable only in english.
      I can live with that...


        Originally posted by mordentral View Post

        You want to tie your in game dialogs to a 3rd party service with pay per call subscription plans, embedded latency, and possible downtime?

        Originally posted by Frenetic Pony View Post

        Agreed. This is in not how deep learning is coming to games and game engines. It's all going to be client side computation done by native engine code. This "solution" is silly and would be a waste of time for all involved. Watson, Alexa, and Google Assistant are in no way, shape, or form meant to be plugged into a game and none of their makers are interested in doing such.
        Yeah I'm sure cloud computing and services are not going anywhere
        and anything related to network servers or the manifestation of high bandwidth interactions in a game like multiplayer or mobile gaming is a pipe dream
        and those in-game ads will never work as a revenue steam
        personally I prefer to write machine code and live in the 1840's