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Set View Target with Blend does not exist?...

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    [BLUEPRINT] Set View Target with Blend does not exist?...

    Hello everyone.

    Yesterday I started to use UE4 and the first thing I want to do was a static camera view, I search into the documentation and found what i need to do to achieve that, but, when I have to add a Set View Target with Blend node, there's no one in the list; I think this could be for the version I was using (4.16.3), but in another computer I got the 4.18.0 and the result was the same (for some reasons I can't upload an image here, something about error 200 :-| ).

    This could be some kind of bug?, if not, why does not appears?, thanks for your attention and time, cheers.

    The PlayerController Class has the function "Set View Target With Blend"