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Set View Target with Blend does not exist?...

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    The PlayerController Class has the function "Set View Target With Blend"

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  • Set View Target with Blend does not exist?...

    Hello everyone.

    Yesterday I started to use UE4 and the first thing I want to do was a static camera view, I search into the documentation and found what i need to do to achieve that, but, when I have to add a Set View Target with Blend node, there's no one in the list; I think this could be for the version I was using (4.16.3), but in another computer I got the 4.18.0 and the result was the same (for some reasons I can't upload an image here, something about error 200 :-| ).

    This could be some kind of bug?, if not, why does not appears?, thanks for your attention and time, cheers.