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Moving a install directory.

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    [LAUNCHER] Moving a install directory.

    I will get in before the trolls here; I know of the other methods to achieve this. I do not care about your opinion on the matter. This post is about function implementation by conscious design rather than after thought.

    Trying to move an installation to a new location should not require either a mklink or hack job interrupted install/re-verify to be achievable.

    A far more intuitive method can be seen in many launchers currently delivered various vendors i have encountered.
    Specifying the location from within the launcher and pulling down version/file manifests if differences are detected or installation doesn't exist, triggering either the verification or install processes.

    In its current form the Launcher coding is a pathetic excuse for a service and a can be considered poster child for lazy or inept programming.

    I have approved your post, as everyone is entitled to an opinion, but please check your PM as this post is unnecessarily aggressive and insulting.
    Quinton Delpeche
    Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard


      Yeah bro why so aggressive, like I have the same problem too but being aggressive and mean isn't going to get people to want to help you. But like how do you show Epic Games Launcher where the new location of Unreal is. I have it in a different folder and when I go to Unreal, it just asks for installation, then it says that the installation folder is already there and it needs a new folder where it isn't already there...if that makes sense. It wants to reinstall it. I just want to show it that its been installed already and I don't know how to direct it to that.