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Ability to select actors via property matrix

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Ability to select actors via property matrix

    The property matrix is great for looking at a bunch of actors and comparing properties - it would be great if we could then select actors from it, with a right click and/or double-click.

    I'd been lamenting the loss of UE3's "Select by property" feature for a few years now, and the Property Matrix is almost a replacement, since you can pin a property and order the actors by that property, but it's just a shame you can't then select a bunch of them for moving, hiding, duplicating, or adding to a layer etc.

    Also, don't want to derail my own thread before it even starts, but on a related note - I notice the "Property Coloration" viewmode is actually still there in the viewport show menu, but there is no way to mark a property for coloring? (in UE3 when you shift+clicked a property, to select-by-property, it would then show up in this viewmode as well). Would be fantastic to be able to use that again, I used that all the time.
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    Second this request. Just to add 'Select by' or Select-Special would also be very useful in Blueprints.
    UE4 now offers 'Show Bubble When Zoomed'. So Select Special -> 'Comments only' would help..


      I support this feature request.
      Zoltan Erdokovy, Sr. Technical Artist


        I support Spoondog and his feature request.


          Please, oh please, oh please ... really important, would be a life safer right now.


            I think this feature is not implemented yet? At least I could not find it in 4.22.3

            Would be very much useful!
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