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    BP Restore / Undo

    So after a long haul of working a BP for a good chunk of a day I had found myself accidentally deleting a BP. Long story short, don't use your delete key if you're getting tired. Anyways I was pretty frustrated and found it rather interesting that there was no inherently easy way to restore a BP, so I am throwing out there on the wall of ideas to see if mine sticks.

    I propose a "undo delete" or restore system for Blueprints to allow a user to say "have a moment of stupidity or lapse of judgement." and have that file go to a trash bin. This would allow for a temporary storage of blueprints that have been removed but avoids the table flipping moment in the event you really didn't mean to.

    Check if thres still a copy in backup in Saved/Backup directory, thru it might be deleted by now
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      Hi Konshu,

      I'm sorry to hear that you lost work. There is an asset autosave cache as Shadowriver mentioned, but it's generally only around for a single run of the editor / primarily designed to help you in case the editor crashes, but it's still worth a check.

      In general, I'd recommend setting up source control for your project, which gives you an 'undo delete/edit' for every asset in your project, with a temporal granularity depending on how often you check in.

      Michael Noland