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Epic Launcher using way too high amount of CPU power

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    [LAUNCHER] Epic Launcher using way too high amount of CPU power

    Why is Epic Launcher using so high amount of CPU power. It sometimes uses over 90% of CPU power.

    Same thing happened to me.
    Noticed that things were running slow, only to find out 95% of my CPU was being used.
    I know this is an old post, so you've maybe found a solution, but restarting seemed to work pretty well for me.
    Here's a chart of my CPU's temprature after exiting the launcher.
    I really dont know why this happens, but I wish there was a fix for it


      The best is when it glitches out and you try to click the taskbar icon, to open the launcher window again, only to have it spaz out and rapidly open close over and over again. Makes it a royal pain in the rear to click on it in the task manager to end the task...


        this is still happening, i just came back to my computer after being away for 1-2 hours. and it was running on almost 100% of the cpu from the epic games launcher, i have no idea how long it has been running like that but MAN my room is warm now!!