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Global Illumination - (Real-Time Ray Tracing)

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    Your algorithm is exactly the same as radiosity, yes, the infamous radiosity, yet it is very effective. Actually, I think radiosity with some sort of importance sampling is always the best solution to diffuse GI. And, to my best knowledge, Enlighten uses hierarchical radiosity.

    There are lots of crappy implementations of radiosity on the web which render an extreme number of cubemaps in each light bounce without storing them. They are the reason why radiosity is infamous. In fact, how to store and compress the cubemaps (more precisely, form factors, "ray impact" & "mutual point visibility") efficiently is the spirit of radiosity. Then Enlighten came out and everybody thought it was magic, so as this one, but it is solely the difference between a proper and a bad implementation.

    The hardest part of the algorithm is the visibility part. Calculating visibility between points requires tracing rays. If you do not like rays and want to calculate the visibility pairwise, the performance would be worse, since ray tracing does implicit culling.
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  • started a topic Global Illumination - (Real-Time Ray Tracing)

    Global Illumination - (Real-Time Ray Tracing)

    Hello Epic

    Pleas - Global Illumination - Please try to move the boundaries

    So many videos and papers on real-time GI on internet and still no progress in Unreal.
    Pleas invest in some money in new developers who are just concentrating on GI.

    I do not have math education or programming.
    My idea (perhaps unrealistic) is to:
    1 calculate a central point (for surface points) from each smaller polygon and for big 3+1 point , biger 9+1 point.
    2 and use it to calculate the ray impact only between these surface points.
    3 for all static objects determining mutual point visibility
    4 calculate surface points on moving subjects (and mutual visibility)
    now we have a fixed number of all pints for interaction
    5 calculate multi bounce ray on all surface points

    Distance Field Ambient Occlusion - is very good
    (Unreal - Distance Field Global Illumination - Is to limited for good GI)

    Cool staf
    Real-Time Global Illumination Using Precomputed Illuminance Composition with Chrominance Compression


    A little interesting
    New Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI)