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Any working method for animating transform in local space with Sequencer

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Any working method for animating transform in local space with Sequencer

    It would be great to add option A and finish Actor Sequence plugin, so we'd able to easily reuse sequencer asset in game. Currently I'm using McGyver style workarounds...

    Option A)
    Level Sequence still doesn't allow to animate actor transform in local space. There's simply no such option.

    Option B)
    Actor Sequence has such option, but this thing is still an experimental plugin. And it's experimental for a reason, there are many issues with it:
    - There are bug reports saying it doesn't work in packaged game.
    - Object restores its state after ending animation, no matter what you set in component properties.
    - I experience weird conflicts with my custom plugin. If my plugin is enabled, often Actor sequence plugin goes crazy and references to sequence components vanish on project's load. In another project with this plugin enabled, sequence components simply disappear on project's load... Have no idea what's wrong either with my plugin or Actor Sequence plugin - but I assume it's not my fault. I don't have issues with anything else then Actor Sequence plugin.
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    The upcoming 4.17 release introduces the ability to specify track sections as absolute, relative and additive. In addition, track sections that overlap will automatically be blended but you can also manually specify the blending behaviors. There will be official documentation coming.

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    We haven't had as much time to focus on the actor sequence plugin. So it's still experimental but we're hoping to continue development on it in the future.


      Oh, I was confused by Trello card which was all about blending. So it's exactly what we needed for a long time! <3
      I'm trying to implement concept in which you have at least hundreds instances of tens different animated actors. Of course this improvement is incredible help here

      But if there's no known timeframe for finish actor sequence plugin, perhaps it would be nice to tweak Get Sequence Binding function? It would be little faster and more convenient to create pipeline for reusable gameplay animations.
      Or maybe I overcomplicated my setup here and you could suggest simpler solution?

      My current workaround for reusing level sequence on actor instances is to:
      1) Create Level Sequence actor for every actor instance I'd like to animate. I'm doing it in shared actor component, no additional work needed per actor.
      2) Use Set Binding function to bind level sequence to my actor's sequence actor. I need to copy-paste it to every new actor because I can't pass any variables to GetSequenceBinding().

      Click image for larger version

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      1) Could I ask for exposing level sequence reference as pin also? Sounds like easy part and could be helpful in many different scenarios.

      2) Now, I'm not sure if it's possible implement another request. The 2nd input requires explicit binding reference from given sequence. Is it possible to create similar function called GetSequenceBindingByIndex where 2nd param is integer? It would simply get binding by its index on list. If there's any indexed list of binding in sequencer...
      This new function would be very useful while using Level Sequence as replacement of actor sequence component --> where you operate on single actor --> so you have only single binding --> the index would be usually zero --> it would possible to use GetSequenceBindingByIndex() in common component of hundreds animated actors. No extra copy-pasting required, workaround for reusing sequences would simply work on every new actor. One less place for content creator to make a bug.
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