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Lightmap Resolution in FBX Importer

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Lightmap Resolution in FBX Importer

    When importing a static mesh, there is no option in the FBX importer to set the Light Map Resolution. Therefore every imported model ends up getting a default of 64, which is usually wrong. So it requires opening every static mesh and adjusting by hand one-by-one. I just had a situation where I needed to import about 100 static meshes at once. I needed all of their Light Map Resolutions set to 16 instead of 64. Would have been great to be able to set it in the importer and then click Import All. Now I have to go in and change each one. What a hassle... and this is just the first set of about 10 sets of models I have to do this with... that's about 1000 models. *sigh*

    While not an import option, you can already do something similar with the Property Matrix to bulk edit assets in your level or ones in your Content Browser.
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      Whoa! I didn't even know that existed. Little bit buggy with recognizing default values but otherwise great feature. Thanks.