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My Feedback - Performance - Why I'll be staying with Unity for the time being.

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    Originally posted by bleeds187 View Post
    Can you tell me what your idle CPU usage is? On my 2013 Macbook Air (in OSX) UE4 Editor will drain my battery in just over 1 hour (and I can get up to ~8 hours of dev time in Unity).

    It depends on what i'm trying to do. Running high end content and many windows the battery lasts a few hours. Running "tappy chicken" i think i got 4 hours once.


      Originally posted by Paul Oliver View Post
      Hi Folks,

      I believe this: may help some of you get better performance on your laptop
      I tried this as well, even restarted the editor to make sure the changes took affect; the CPU usage didn't go down, only the visual quality. I found in another post the "t.MaxFps" setting and using this in the editor console I can get the usage way down, but only by making the FPS limit unreasonable (i.e. <10 fps) otherwise the CPU usage is just too high. I'm guessing (and hoping) its just a lack of optimization on the OSX side of things; from the sounds of it you are getting good performance and battery life with a system that specs a fraction of the battery life of the Macbook Air (not dissing it, the Razor laptop is awesome!), but you are obviously running Windows